Strategic Clarity

Confusion kills. Clarity inspires.

Let’s work together to find your strategic path.

What are you looking for?

A new opportunity? An end to frustration? A big idea? A path through the current environment?

Or perhaps you want greater connection between your purpose in life, your values and desires, and meaning in the work you do.

Strategy offers answers. Are you ready to listen?

What is strategy?

Strategy is ultimately about mobilizing resources to achieve something important. Through it we align the assets available to us–the experience, gifts, education, capabilities and financial resources of our organization–with our passion to meet a customer’s need.

A strategic plan, then, is the path that takes us from where we are to where we want to go. The journey is rarely easy, especially when you consider these four requirements:


We must be honest about where we are, what resources are available, and what our customers truly need. It also requires self-awareness–who we are, what we desire, what we are passionate about.

Strategy without truth is fantasy.


We must know (or discover) where we are going. What is our big audacious dream, our passion or calling? How will this dream impact others–our customers, our community or society? How will it impact ourselves?

Strategy without vision is maintenance.


Focus may be the hardest of the four, for it demands a decision, not only about what we will do, but what we will not do. Resources are limited; to what will they be aligned?

Strategy without focus is fragmentation.


Strategy requires a commitment to act; the desire to tirelessly pursue our vision; the courage to overcome the inevitable obstacles. Strategy means that we must do something.

Strategy without intent is just an idea.

How clear is your strategy?

Our Strategic Clarity Process

We help you uncover your strategic path
through a three-phase process:


First, we ask good questions and then listen…to our constituents, to each other, to our own hearts, perhaps to God. Honest conversation and evaluation is the first step of good strategy. We need to see the whole picture to make wise decisions.

What we offer: A comprehensive discovery process that helps you honestly evaluate your situation


As our current situation emerges, we then reflect on what it all means. We look for connections–customer needs, market trends, our passions, opportunities that excite our team. We integrate good business intuition with what our heart and soul are telling us. 

What we offer: Observations, synthesis, and reflective exercises which lead to vision clarity 


When we feel confident about where we are going, then we need a plan to get there. Building a plan involves setting priorities, allocating resources, defining processes, assigning responsibility, and addressing gaps. The realization of vision depends on the quality of our action.

What we offer:

How clear is your strategy?

It is important that we understand our current environment and who we are in it. Here are two 10-minute leadership tools helpful to discovering more about yourself and your organization.

First, this organizational check-up maps your strength in six core areas of your organization.

The 10-minute Crystallizer Assessment asks “Are you a Visionary or an Integrator?”

Take these, then give us a call to discuss how these tools–and Current Strategies–can bring greater clarity and fulfillment to your situation.


Dave Dias


I highly recommend Curt Swindoll. He is one of the most creative minds that I’ve ever known. His commitment to learning and best practices are unyielding; his integrity, inspiring.

Mark Newton


Curt is outstanding. His work is unmatched in professionalism and delivery. He understands root causes and yet, simplifies them to the surface so that actionable plans can be drawn and executed by all. Curt’s passion for strategic thought and leadership is only matched by his authenticity, warmth, and integrity in all business matters. A rare leader in today’s times! Highly recommended!

Randy McCabe


Curt is a strategic thinker who knows how to translate that strategic thinking into meaningful action. Even more important is the fact that Curt is genuinely passionate about the work that he engages in. That combination makes him one of the most effective business leaders I’ve ever met.

Larry Beck


Curt has an incredible ability to see through information to what is driving events, or what could drive them in a positive way. We accomplished together in three days what other consultants spend weeks and lots of your cash flow doing half as well.